In 1971, after studying viticulture and enology at UC Davis, Ron Rubin dedicated his life�s work to the wholesale beverage business. From 1971 to 2011, Ron dreamed of someday producing exceptional wines at a great value, in order to create a beautiful experience for everyone. His research included the geology of Green Valley, in the Russian River Valley. He learned that Green Valley offers unique and highly coveted flavors for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, because of its Goldridge soil. In 2011, it was in Green Valley of Russian River Valley that Ron Rubin came to realize his dream. Now, Ron is enjoying his vision at The Rubin Family of Wines.


Large tectonic plates, known as the American Plate, the Pacific Plate, and the Gorda Plate, all came together to create the "Triple Junction,� off the California Coastline. Today, the junction, which is slowly moving northwest, is now located offshore at Cape Mendocino. It was this activity that created a most unique terroir in Green Valley of Russian River Valley. When inland waters began to drain from Russian River Valley, it left behind the well-drained, prestigious Goldridge soil. With this pedigree, Ron knew this was where he would realize begin his dream of creating a beautiful wine experience for everyone.


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The Rubin Family of Wines continues with the standard of excellence found in Green Valley of Russian River Valley, through sustainable farming. It�s important to our vineyard crew that we consider all aspects of their well-being, the well-being of soils and the environment, as part of our terroir. The Rubin Family Vineyards and Winery has installed a Ranch System weather station and a sensor network.


The teams in place monitor and address specific needs of the vineyards; such as tracking the micro-climates of our vineyards, along with monitoring soil moisture profiles for irrigation scheduling purposes. We are stewards of this land, and are consciously aware of producing the least amount of impact to our Green Valley of Russian River Valley environment and beyond.