Sensual, alluring, provocative�Pinot Noir, more than any other grape, reflects where it is grown. We pay tribute to the land with our name. A series of orogenic episodes near the Pacific Ocean formed the mountains and streams that created Green Valley's ideal growing conditions. Its well-drained soils, coupled with warm days and cool nights chilled by maritime fog, give us seductively satisfying grapes, resulting in a wine that entices the senses.

Orogeny Vineyards' single-minded goal is to produce luscious, sensuous Pinot Noir. We knew that this relatively unknown area was the perfect location to grow high-end Pinot Noir, but we also wanted to take advantage of the latest clones and the newest viticulture. So, instead of purchasing existing vineyards, we leased or signed long-term growing contracts with a few growers who were developing small vineyards. These agreements and the size of the vineyards allow us to care for the vineyards almost as if they are large gardens; we specify every detail of the planting, growing and harvesting.



Through a variety of viticultural techniques, such as planting on ridges, orienting the vines to have the maximum exposure to the sun and matching the trellis system to the microclimate, we achieve extended exposure to the

sunlight so the grapes completely ripen and develop complex flavors. By blending grapes from different sites and clones, we enhance the multifaceted nature of our Pinot Noir.